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Rio Energy Consulting is the premiere and trusted professional services firm to support Brazilian, North American, Asian, and European investors and companies coming to expand their business in the energy sector. We are a reliable and quality solutions provider.

Our firm is a professional services consultancy that provides large investment, project financing, tax-friendly investment funds, project management, product representation, and sustainable “green” energy opportunities for projects in Brazil. We have extensive Clean Technology capabilities. 

With specialists in Brazil, we have a unique expertise in the fast-growing State of Rio de Janeiro. One of our best clients once described us as "door openers", we are a group who makes successful deals happen. We direct the players to get the best opportunities and manage the "Brazilian Way" of business for our overseas clients.

We have expertise in multiple Energy-and-GREEN-related sectors. One of our specialties is in the Clean Technology arena as conservation and efficiency growth industries. Waste-to-energy and Clean Energy Management technologies are coming to Brazil along with GREEN Construction and GREEN Housing. Important issue to discuss can include energy audits, Green Business financial analysis, joint-ventures and government lobbying for Clean Projects.

We can champion the fight for Clean Tech in Brazil. As you know, Brazil, a world leader in bio-fuels, especially ethanol, and hydroelectricity, will invest another US$5.5B in renewable energy sources through 2013.  As of November 2010 they were producing 864 MW of wind power with many new projects recently bid.  This new capability could extend the Brazilian wind energy market to 3.9 gigawatts by 2013.
Brazil’s energy matrix is 48% renewable, and the country has pledged to reduce about 37% of its carbon emissions by 2020. These are number numbers to be applauded, and we can learn some lessons from Brazil.  But there is more, future projects can include biomass and energy-from-waste, and methane reducing waste processes.  And the opportunities for LEED construction and buildings and Green homes has not even been touched here.  It is a wonderful principle to improve life and help save our world not only by tending to the Amazon but also by leading the world in Clean Technologies and their direct, everyday use.

Please feel free to contact us at: rioenergyconsulting@gmail.com with your requirements. We have a team of professional consultants available to assist you to discover, explore and manage suitable projects on your behalf.

Seminars and speaking engagements to assist corporations and their leadership, universities, embassies, trade missions, financiers, and entreprenuers interested in doing business in Brazil, and succeeding. Currently these programs are offered in North America, UK and Europe, and we are exploring expanding to Asia soon. Please contact Jonathan at JonathanKendallTSS@gmail.com or call to the USA +1 410 991 2288 for more information and for available dates. And now, Brazil. Para empresarios brasileiros, clique aqui.

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